You can think of Cissy Street as a street full of people freely streaming in and out of jazz, funk and rock clubs on a hot summer night . In this simmering street where you can cross a border in a single step, African, Brazilian and Cuban influences mingle with rock to form one sound.

This image inspired the guitarist and composer Francis Larue to create Cissy Street – gently uniting his greatest musical loves. The band’s music reflects his desire to play rock and jazz, but without leaving out their African roots, meaning dancing, pulsating rhythms – in short, the whole body.

Larue’s rich musical experiences and wide travels are all summarized in Cissy Street’s first album. But what truly holds the band together is their passion for rhythms that are going to make you sweat. It’s just a short jump from Roy Hargrove’s grooves to Irakere and Rage Against The Machine once Cissy Street echoes them all in their leader’s ’s compositions.

His travel partners – Etienne Kermarc on bass, Vincent Périer on sax, Yacha Berdah on the trumpet and Hugo Crost on drums — are familiar with all these musical cultures, and they share the Larue’s passion. So it’s no wonder it comes so naturally when they all play together. With catchy melodies, tight arrangements and guitar licks with shades of Niles Rodgers and Pat Metheny, Cissy Street offers a vibrant musical landscape. A crossroads of different cultures that will make you move.

The band

Vincent Périer


Francis Larue

Guitare, compositions

Yacha Berdah


Etienne Kermarc


Hugo Crost